Preparing Young People for Social Justice Advocacy

We offer young people the opportunity to actively participate in local civic engagement. 

The realities of systemic injustice.

On February 23, 2020 (2/23), Ahmaud Arbery was senselessly murdered in Brunswick, Georgia. It took 74 days for the men responsible for his murder to be arrested. For 74 days, his murderers walked free without being arrest.

For months, our team and community fought hard to get answers and seek justice for Ahmaud's murder. How could a young man jogging down this street in the middle of the day get chased down, shot, and killed?
More than that though, we started to ask, how could we prevent this in the future? What could we do to prevent systemic injustice when:

    Black and brown communities are most impacted by systemic injustice.
    Many young people do not have the opportunity or clear paths to attend college and pursue careers in justice-related fields.
    Fighting injustice always feels like an uphill battle without any end in sight.

What if there was an organization place created to address those lingering questions?
The 2:23 Foundation was created to address these issues. Through the foundation, we plan to honor a legacy of social justice in Black and Brown communities through providing scholarships, leadership development programs to raise up future district attorneys and law enforcement personnel, and growth opportunities to those looking for ways to advocate. Would you join us in that effort?

Help us galvanize our youth.

Engage. Equip. Empower.

Our Vision

To see a society that pursues fair, just, and impartial treatment of black and brown persons and to create space for them to be civically engaged and positioned as future public servants.

"We work on proactive solutions to prevent reactive advocacy."


The 2:23 Foundation is set up for a specific work.

    educating young Black and Brown people 
    preparing them for fields where there is a dearth of Black people (local office (prosecutors, county/city commissioners)
    intergenerational partnerships to help mentor and develop young Black people

And we're here to stay.
Two of our core values are focus and endurance. It has taken those two things to see through the bureaucratic red tape at the local level to pursue justice for Ahmaud Arbery. And our prevailing message for our team and our tribe is always, “This is a marathon, not a sprint.” 
We need our partners to join us to be in it with us for the long haul.
We know there are some organizations that have used this and other tragedies for financial gain. But for us, this is personal. Every member of our team is closely connected to Brunswick, Georgia, where a senseless murder occurred. And that close connection fuels our future work. Together, we are a group of friends, cousins, and native sons banding together to pursue justice and to prevent injustice for others in the future.

Our Team


Demetris Frazier"Meat"


Demetris is Ahmaud Arbery’s cousin and close childhood friend. Demetris was a standout high school recruit and played college football at Middle Tennessee State University. He holds a Bachelor’s in Science Degree with a Major in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Organizational Leadership and has completed 2 years of graduate study in Forensic Psychology from Florida Tech. Demetris helps bridge the gap between sports and activism through his work with the 2:23 Foundation.


Jason Vaughn"Coach"


Coach Vaughn is a high school history teacher and football coach who coached Ahmaud Arbery in high school. He has a Master's in education and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. "Coach" is passionate about teaching and training young people about history, social justice, and life development skills. Through the 2:23 Foundation, he provides workshops and training that empowers youth to become change agents in this world.


John Richards"John"


John is a native son of Ahmaud Arbery's hometown. He is a pastor, lawyer, and social justice advocate. John is committed to helping mobilize local communities to pursue justice, raise up young leaders to pursue leadership opportunities, and provide strategic direction as a board member of the 2:23 Foundation.

Our Process







Our Values 

Our team started as a group of five men who were part of the few voices who were advocating for justice in Brunswick, Georgia. Through our advocacy, the investigation into Ahmaud Arbery's murder got national attention and ultimately led to arrests. That passion carries over to our desire to provide hope for future generations through this foundation. Our desire? To prevent this from ever happening again on our watch.


    Working diligently to ensure a future where fairness extends to everyone, regardless of race or gender


    Believing that creating social change requires activism that confronts system injustices and leads to future changes


    Moving with one voice to create a future that involves communities that are united to fight injustice.


    Pursuing long-term strategies to ensure a better future for younger generations


    Prioritizing actions that result in positive future outcomes

Pursuing justice is a marathon, not a sprint.