The I Run With Maud Committee Officially Launches the 2:23 Foundation

The I Run With Maud Committee Officially Launches the 2:23 Foundation

Brunswick, GA

Release: August 29, 2020. 

For Immediate Release

The I Run With Maud Committee, an organization that helped create global awareness and activism around the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, today announced a major rebranding to reflect the organization’s evolution into an formal organization committed to preventing future injustices.

Akeem Baker, one of the co-founders of the 2:23 Foundation, said, “Since April 4, our team has consistently provided our community with steps to keep running for my friend, Ahmaud Arbery. Without our efforts, I am unsure whether three men would sitting in jail today, awaiting trial. But our team also realized the need for creating awareness for young men and women in high school and providing opportunities for them to pursue justice in the future. We felt that this official non-profit would help do just that.”

“February 23 is a date that everyone in our community will recognize as the catalyst for resurgence of ways to find just outcomes for our city, ” adds co-founder Demetris Frazier,  “our vision for the 2:23 Foundation is to remember that date and the global 2.23 mile run we established as a means of reminding everyone that this journey continues, even after what we hope would is a conviction for the three men who murdered Maud.

“When I first uttered the words, ‘I Run With Maud’, I sincerely wanted to make sure that people didn’t gloss over a gross mishandling of a criminal investigation,” added Coach Jason Vaughn, who coached Arbery in high school. “What we didn’t know about was the layers of injustice that encompassed more than just our hometown, but extended to the state legislature. What began as a local movement has now become something that can impact the lives of many young men and women of color across our state. And that’s exciting for me.”

Josiah Watts, another co-founder of the organization noted, “I cannot begin to tell you the number of young people who have been energized by the work we are doing. From Brooklyn to Brunswick, we are helping young men and women pursue justice in ways that we believe will ultimately transform our world.”

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the organization’s Facebook page, logo, graphics, soon-to-be-released website, communications, and correspondence. The 223 Foundation’s new brand assets include a 1968 Memphis Sanitation Worker Strike-inspired design and other visual communications that utilize simple, powerful graphics to convey the power of the voice of a small group of men who have awakened a sense of justice in a local community.


Contact info:

Name: John Richards, Head of PR & Communications

Organization: The 223 Foundation