The 2:23 Foundation Hosts the “Finish the Run” Virtual Global Event

The 2:23 Foundation Hosts the “Finish the Run” Virtual Global Event


Headline: The 2:23 Foundation Hosts the “Finish the Run” Virtual Global Event

(BRUNSWICK, Ga.) -- The 2:23 Foundation would like to invite their entire community of runners to participate in a virtual global run in honor of Ahmaud Arbery. The “Finish the Run” event will be held from February 23 through March 3, 2021.

Last year, many joined the 2:23 Foundation on Ahmaud’s birthday, May 11, in a global 2.23 mile run. Since then, Demetris Frazier, Jason Vaughn, and John Richards helped establish the 2:23 Foundation as a non-profit committed to engaging, educating, and equipping young Black and Brown children for social justice advocacy.

Co-founder Demetris Frazier said, “I played college football with several current NFL players who reached out to me to ask me what they could do to help us. One word came to mind: run. And they committed to doing just that. It led to a movement.”

In May of 2020, the running community helped to raise awareness that ultimately led to the arrest of the three men responsible for Arbery’s murder. Part of the 2:23 Foundation’s goal is to prevent injustices in communities like the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. 

“As a history teacher, every year I coach and teach thousands of high school students about the importance of learning from our history,” shared Vaughn. “This race is about learning from Ahmaud’s life and putting things in place to prevent anything like this from happening again.”

The 2:23 Foundation has found that one of the best ways to prevent future injustices is to help young people pursue careers related to social causes through scholarships and other programming offerings. 

“Our hometown has about 40% of its residents that live below the poverty line,” said Richards. “That means that many students who have the ability to go to college might not have the means to do so. We wanted to raise this money to remove that economic barrier for our youth. And Finish the Run gives participants an opportunity to do something they love, while also supporting a great cause.”

Participants in the Finish the Run virtual event will run 2.23 miles and show their support by sharing photos using the hashtags #FinishTheRun and #223fdn. The entry fee for each runner is $23; participants can sign up for the run at

For more information, contact the 2:23 foundation at or (912) 785-0224.

The 2:23 Foundation-an organization formed in memory of Ahmaud Arbery, who was senselessly killed on Feb. 23, 2020. The foundation was created to prepare young people for social justice advocacy by providing young men and women with scholarships, training, leadership opportunities, and tools to pursue public offices.


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